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Top 7 Ways to Make Money Working from Home on the Internet

Are you having trouble keeping up with the Joneses?  Does it seem like your neighbors are getting a new car every year, going on vacations and wearing the latest fashions, while you struggle to keep the bills paid?  You work hard to make a living.  Do your neighbors know something you don't?  Yes they do.  Everyone in your neighborhood, everyone in your town, everyone except for you is making tons of extra cash by exploiting the money-making power of the internet, racking up bonus income and living the high life -- and getting it all while working in their pajamas! 

You deserve it.

There's no reason you can't make more money.  Here are 17 proven, tried and true, battle tested methods to supplement your income and increase your wealth by using the World Wide Web.

 #1) -- Pandora is a unique music-listening experience which tailors song-lists to your musical tastes.  This internet radio station remembers your choices and serves up song after song which shares qualities with the songs you already enjoy, eliminating serendipity and ensuring homogeny.  You don't need any special training, and it's perfectly legal!  I made $74,000 last year, and even just starting out, you can make up to $1400 a week listening to Pandora in your garage or basement.  Type in "Carly Simon", for example, and Pandora may follow up with songs by Stevie Nicks, James Taylor and Carole King.  Before you know it, you've got your own radio station which only play songs that you like.  And it's not a scam or multi-level marketing.   
Men, women will want you.
 #2) Bloons Tower Defense 4 -- Bloons Tower Defense 4 is a highly addictive Flash-powered video game in the "tower defense" genre.  Tower defense games are played on a path, over which travel threats (soldiers and tanks, goblins and warriors, or in some games, viruses, penguins, or clowns) which you must destroy before they reach the end of the path by using specialized towers (shot towers, ice towers, laser towers, etc).  In Bloons 4, you are defending against an onslaught of brightly colored balloons, and your towers are monkeys with darts.  Start popping!  Don't have a college degree?  Don't let that hold you back.  You can have amazing financial success and make all your dreams come true, just like millions of others already have.  When you play Bloons Tower Defense 4, you can get out of debt and literally write your own salary.     

#3) Social Networking -- The beauty of the social network solution is that there are so many existing social networks, and any of them will do!  Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Ning... they all have the tools you'll need to help you meet your financial goals.  First, you'll need to sign up, fill out a profile page, and upload your photographs.  Then, find your friends -- there's a good chance that many of them use these services already!  It's so easy and there are no start-up costs and no risk to you.  Once you're engaged with your chosen social network, you'll be able to share information with your friends and family more easily.  You'll be able to afford the wheelbarrow you'll need when the money comes rolling in, and you'll be able to tell everyone you know, proudly, "I finally bought the home I've always dreamed of owning!"  The more hours a day you spend lurking, stalking your ex, or playing Farmville, the sooner you'll be able to reach all of your financial goals and retire in luxury.

Ladies, there will be chocolate.
#4) Political Websites and Blogs -- There are literally thousands of political sites on the internet.  Many of these sites have articles and blogs on which you can post comments.  Have you ever stopped to think how sharing your opinion about current events, government and politics could bring you financial success beyond your wildest imaginings?  If you have a computer and access to the internet, then you can start telling the world what's wrong with the world, influencing public opinion, and swaying the outcome of national elections.  How much is that kind of power and security worth to you in terms of annual income?  $15,000 a year?  $30,000 a year?  How about $150,000 a year, your FIRST YEAR.  You can live like a rock star.  Your future is up to you because the power is in your hands.  Best of all, you don't have to have any kind of specialized training or knowledge.  All you need are some opinions!

#5) The Complete Works of William Shakespeare -- You probably haven't read this stuff since high school, and I'll bet you never guessed that just by reading Shakespeare's plays and sonnets, you'd be creating a residual income stream which will keep paying you dividends for years.  By the time you've made it halfway through The Comedy of Errors, you could be sipping Mai Tais aboard your own personal yacht, floating in the Mediterranean Sea and surrounded by Princes and international starlets.  How?  The secret is the Cash Power Word and the 7 Money Magnet Principles.  Our "Your Bright Future" information packet explains our foolproof system which has never failed, and can be found directly following the St. Crispen's Day speech in Henry V.

#7) Watch Porn for Fun and Profit -- Last, but certainly not least, home-based entrepreneurs have access to the huge pornography and sex industry on the web.  Pornography has been popular on the internet for as long as there has been an internet, but did you know that the average consumer of pornography makes $37,583 a year just by watching videos of people having sex?  Viewers who enjoy fetishes, lesbians and niches such as S&M and bondage can earn as much as $54,327 a year.  How would you like to never have to work for a cruel and insensitive employer again, and instead spend your days working from the comfort of your own home with your pants around your ankles?  If you like sucking and fucking, or if you just want to be your own boss and achieve financial independence, then porn is for you.  When it comes to beautiful naked men and women, our Mega-Riches Next Level New-Life Realization Plan practically sells itself.

And those are just 8 of the literally hundreds of ways that you can bolster your income and make your financial dreams come true using the money-making secrets of the internet.  Remember: you're the only one who's not getting rich, making your family secure, and enjoying all the wonderful thneeds and experiences that life has to offer. 

Just because you're lazy doesn't mean you're not entitled to wealth beyond your wildest dreams.

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