Thursday, January 6, 2011

Big Government to Blame for Industrial Pollution

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On Tuesday, Representative Matt Spinkle (R, Tex), speaking at an event presented by the Tea Party group Free Our American Liberty Now, addressed reporters and a small crowd at the Dallas Convention Center.  When asked by NBC News how the Tea Party viewed the subject of industrial pollution, Spinkle stated "These chemicals would never have found their way into our children's baby formula if not for the aggressive far-left Liberal Socialist policies of the Obama administration."

In December, scientists found the cancer-causing substance Chromium-6 in samples of drinking water in 31 of 35 cities tested.  Chromium-6, which can cause leukemia and stomach cancer, is a by-product of pulp mills, steel mills, and metal-plating and leather-tanning facilities.  It is currently not regulated by the EPA.

"The Democrats are busy creating regulations and trying to destroy the American way of life, and that's the only reason they invented this issue.  If improper disposal of waste weren't against the law, there wouldn't be any laws being broken.  The right response to these terrorist regulators is rapid deregulation.  A strong America is an America that lets businesses thrive," Spinkle said.  "If problems with these chemicals existed, these multi-billion dollar corporations would have known about it.  I'm not even sure I believe there's such a thing as Chromium-6.  Liberal-6 is more like it."

Added FOALN spokesperson Elizabeth Mersa: "The Environmental Protection Agency claims that up to 50% of the nation's pollution is caused by industry.  Well, as far as I'm concerned, 90% of 'pity pollution' is caused by lazy people who won't work and want a free ride.  I think welfare mothers create plenty of pollution: children that we taxpayers have to feed."

"Here's the bottom line.  The EPA is entirely staffed by Muslim extremists," said Spinkle.  "They and their government allies want to dump waste into rivers and ponds and use improper storage of toxic substances in order to contaminate the groundwater.  Barrack Obama and his Nazi friends want all the water in the world to become a toxic miasma unfit for consumption by shareholders.  Corporations and Real Americans are the only things standing in the way of their Communist takeover.  God bless America."

Representative Spinkle is a doctor and former board member of ChroCorp, the world's leading manufacturer of industrial chemical solvents, hospital equipment, and cancer drugs.  Chromium-6 also occurs naturally in soil.

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